shapeing, sculpting, and scobies

This had to be experienced to be believed – a maximo intenso workout in a hair salon infused with Mombucha.  Whuuh?

This is how it went down…

My very much in shape friend, hyper-talented hair stylist, and proprietor of The Parlour Brooklyn in Greenpoint, Nackie (below right), is old friends with a guy named Tim (below left) who’s built like a damn action figure.

Anyway, he’s a kick ass trainer and the two of them had the kick ass idea to clear the styling floor twice a week, lay out some yoga mats, and let Tim go to town on a very small group of hardcore worker-outers.

This was seriously like one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever experienced but the rewards were almost immediate.  Tim has us on our backs, hands, knees, squatting, doing push-ups, kicking, hopping, bending, curtsying and climbing all to some 160 BPM driving dance music.

Nackie’s brilliant idea to invite me down to sample some Mombucha to these health heads prior to the class (that’s Rebecca intently reading the kombucha Wiki) went off without a hitch.

I don’t think I would’ve made it through Tim’s boot camp had it not been for the sips of sunshine from those jugs.  Thanks Nack!  I’ll be back.


Home brewing kombucha tea in Brooklyn for the masses.

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