2014: The Future of Mombucha

Greetings from the land of Mombucha!

Having gone underground, even deeper than before, Mombucha is poised to emerge triumphantly this year with some very interesting, thrilling, exciting, nutrified, acidified, naturally carbonated, uncompromisingly high quality and novel developments.

First, we built a factory.  Well, it’s a garage with plumbing and electric but with the help of the great Cup & Compass, we are sharing a space where we’ll be producing our products and hosting events of all kinds.  Essentially, it’s business in the back, party in the front.

We couldn’t wait to get the events going so we’ve already thrown some rock shows and some proms (pictured below).

Gentlemen in suits.

Gentlemen in suits.

The Finks!

The Finks!

Party people prom style.

Party people prom style.

We’ve also stepped up our production with a piece of equipment that is the real game changer – a 40 gallon Vulcan steam kettle built in 1977.  Indeed, they don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Built the year Star Wars was released.

Built the year Star Wars was released.

Lastly, the look of Mombucha will change ever so slightly.  Inspired by the Korean card game “Hwa-Tu” translated to mean “Flower Fight,” the simple, somewhat kitschy, somewhat occult imagery is the theme for what will adorn our sturdy, keepsake swing-top bottles.

Flower fight!

Full series study.

Full series study.

After all this, it’s reasonable to assume that Mombucha will be available much more readily as a grocery item in the very near future.  We are seeking “alcohol positive” brewing status now that the Alcohol & Tobacco Trade & Taxation Bureau has declared kombucha officially “beer or wine.”  Not entirely a bad thing we think, it just means we’ll have to put some silly warnings on the labels and pay $7 to the government for every 30 gallons we produce.  C’est la vie.

Until we meet again, happy holidays and may your new year be prosperous!  See you on the shelves!


Mombucha & Friends


Home brewing kombucha tea in Brooklyn for the masses.

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