Mombucha Mocktail: Ginger Rail

Tonight I discovered that Mombucha is the Dr. Bronners of kombucha.


How did such an epiphany arise? Where else but in a Greenpoint loft over a farm table discussion with some dear friends burnt out from a day of editing or programming something for someone they may or may not have cared much about. Regardless, it was late, we were lucid and overworked and the utterly tweetable one-liners kept rollin’ off the old tongue.

The topic of pricing of the new 16 oz Mombucha bottles now available through was at hand. It comes to $10 for a new bottle and $8 for the refill, exactly half of what the liters cost.

The computer programmer guy raised an eyebrow and exclaimed, “Dang those CSAs are expensive.” The producer girl said that people are willing to pay higher prices for raw foods made only one degree of separation away from the consumer. The editor guy said, “Mombucha is the Dr. Bronners of kombucha! You can stretch a liter of premium punch out of one 16 oz bottle if you know what you’re dealing with.”

The discussion inevitably evoked the question, “Do quality foods need to be outrageously expensive?” The answer is complicated but in Mombucha’s case, it’s one that can be solved by providing a product of the highest quality and potency and promoting its use as a concentrate.

Mombucha is neither diluted nor pasteurized which means it retains its full capacity of nutrients and biological elements per sip. Cutting the recommended daily dose of 4 oz of pure Mombucha with 6 oz of water or seltzer yields a refreshing, health-quenching beverage that will keep you pretty well keyed-up and immuno-supercharged all day (avec or sans alcohol). It’ll also double your value.

Anyway, to celebrate this discovery, I present to you the insultingly simple…

Ginger Rail:

Step 1. Add 4 oz of pure Gingermint Mombucha to a tall glass.


Step 2. Add ice.


Step 3. Add seltzer. Stir and enjoy with a loved one.


Mombucha: Refreshtafarai.

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Andreas Billig Photography + MOMBUCHA = ZUPA COOL!!!

A picture speaks a thousand words so here’s a few which should add up to a few hundred thousand… the main word being “awesome.”

- Sultry.  Seductive.

- Golden.  Effervescent.  Gingerminty.

- Action packed.  Dreamy.  Flowing.

- Stoic.  Magnificent.  Exceptional.

Please visit Andreas’ website HERE.

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…and the unexpected ingredient, is love.

Hey! I’m on TVEEE!!!!

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Grow your own clothes…

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Flavor Profile: Lebanese Seduction

It’s said to have the power of seduction by the spice traders themselves – “Featured in New York Magazine on April, 1995 Issue. House blend of 32 herbs & spices including Sage, Fenugreek, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Sorrel, Linden, Chamomile, Rose, Star Anise, Black Tea.”

The label was hand painted using “Cerulean” blue watercolor pigment.  The contrast with the gold design makes for an attractive entrance.

The taste is decidedly herbal, heavy in the nose with more pungent spices like star anise and cardamon.  It’s well balanced between sweet and tart, nice and fizzy with mysterious twists and turns through a labyrinth of flavor.  The seduction is in simply trying to figure out just how one is realizing the experience of imbibing.

Its hue is like that of the sunset over Cypress.  My Lebanese ancestors would likely have seen a sky like this over the Mediterranean on a warm summer evening, arid desert winds combining with cool mountain gusts to conjure an ether of amber light more beautiful than any eye had ever borne witness.

Click “NEW” to order a fresh bottle or “REFILL” for a  home-delivered refill in exchange for your empty.

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“cutricious” holiday combo

Hey now!

Is it too early to say happy holidays?  Oh dash it all – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

The most precious print and snack bag makers of all time, Once Upon a Paper, and I met up TWICE so far this season, once at the Astoria Market held at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden where we imbibed on Jim Beam and Ruth’s Blend and then again last week at ArtsCetera on Smith St. in Carroll Gardens.  Serendipity? I think so.

Here are their bags:

Here’s is the creator of the cuteness with her equally if not cuter son:

Just like chocolate and peanut butter, we discovered through a cosmic collision between a Mombucha bottle and one of their sturdy, beyond adorable little velcro lunch sacks fit perfectly together.  We got so excited that we’ve dropped the price down on both of our items for a combined gift package of a bag+bottle=$30.  What a great gift, right?  It’s cute AND nutricious or “cutricious!”

Oh, and I’ve got lots of new flavors like that one in the background, Crescent City Koffee.  It’s actually fermented coffee & chicory from the famous Café du Monde in New Orleans.  There’s also Black Vanilla (coconut, pineapple, vanilla in a black tea blend), Tropik Thunder (Indian black tea blend with marigolds, cornflowers, blue mellow flowers, safflowers with passion fruit & mango), Gunpowder (smokey green tea), Gingermint (fresh mint & ginger/honey tea) and Pumpkin High (black tea pumpkin spice blend).

So drop a line if you’re  interested!  mombucha(at)gmail(dot)com.

Healthy holidays!

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Mombucha HQ: How Mombucha Do

Folks often ask how the Mombucha machine’s mechanisms manifest.  It’s pretty simple actually, I mean, I make it in my kitchen just as you would make it for yourself if you weren’t so freaked out by that squiddy mushroomy thing. ;)

So here’s my kitchen with all the old photos on my fridge from when I dropped out of college and dove cross-country to San Francisco.  I’m quite meticulous and super clean about everything.  Part of Ruth’s instructions, the original Mombucha Guru Mama, are to make sure your area is clean… so I take that to mean my whole apartment.  All 20 batches of this week’s Mombucha are stacked using counter shelves in 4-quart Pyrex bowls as you can well observe.  Everything’s out in the open as I believe good things should be.

There’s a space heater in the upper left hand corner which, in the winter, warms the little boocha bowls because the heat in my apartment is essentially broken.  In the warm weather months, it’s used as a fan to push the vapors along the corridor up there to the kitchen fan (out of sight to the right on the ceiling) which is running pretty much constantly to suck out the smell which can be intense if not remedied.  The cultures require ventilation as the growing scoby feeds off nutrients in the air.

That other white contraption on top of the fridge is a humidifier which keeps the brew bowls hydrated.  If things get too dry, they can wither and weaken.  The culture really prefers a warm, humid environment to thrive so living in Brooklyn requires a bit of terra forming.

Here’s the bottle depository.  When you swap out your old bottle it gets sterilized with boiling water and vinegar then stored in this little area next to my fridge.  When these guys are ready to fill, I’ll clean them out with more boiling water again just to be sure, flip the top and set them to cure in the coat closet.

Ta-da!  Here the finished brew just sits quietly in an anaerobic environment (closed bottle with no air) where the yeast culture particles devour the residual sugar and pump up the ethel alcohol content slightly.  Still haven’t had my brew tested for how much alcohol is actually in there but those results are imminently forthcoming.  I suspect is somewhere in the 2-3% range.

As you can see, the supply is dwindling steadily (thanks to all of you!) but come this weekend which includes back-to-back events, the Greenpoint Food Market and Dance Dance Library Revolution, I’ll have all 20 of those batches bottled and ready to roll out.  I can’t reveal the new flavors officially yet but just know I’ve got three new blends and a variation on an old one that I’m really looking forward to.

See you this weekend!

Photos courtesy of Veronica Chan of World to Table who also happens to be a phenomenal baker of green tea cookies as well as being a formidable Settler of Catan.  Thanks again!

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We are brewers of small batches of kombucha, bottling the unfiltered, unpasteurized, unfettered goodness by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

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37 Box Street
Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map)


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