Kombucha hackers

I’ve actually tried this and it works.  I’m still looking into the different varieties of kombucha mothers but so far I think ours is the heartiest.

2 thoughts on “Kombucha hackers

  1. I had good luck growing & maintaining a scoby/mother in the summer, but having a harder time now that it’s cold out. Am I not keeping my kitchen warm enough? Any tips for cold weather home brewing? Would keeping it near the stove improve things or be TOO hot?

    1. Thanks for droppin’ by Kate! Temperature is a pretty major factor in maintaining healthy cultures. The scobies prefer warm, humid climates but too much heat or vibration (such as on top of the fridge) striates and weakens it too. What we do for our home brewery and for our MOMBUCHA Brewers Network is find a spot on top of kitchen cabinetry but not directly over the stove. Too much steam, smoke and oil vapor isn’t all that great for a young scoby. The other thing is to make sure you’re using enough sugar in your brew. This creates a more nutritious environment for the culture and a hostile environment for other invading bacteria. Lastly, we’re developing knitted bowl and bottle covers called “kombuchkins” which we’re testing out to keep our brew comfy cozy throughout the cold Brooklyn winters. Hope this helps! Let us know if you need any starter kits or fresh home-brewed MOMBUCHA!

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