“Mom, can I go to the HOLIRAVE?”


“MOMBUCHA’s going!”


(from flyer)

sale away!

to the holirave sale and find unique artworks, music, fashions, jewelery, baked goods, hot sauce, and more! one-of-a-kind gifts for that special someone this season.

Saturday, December 12, 2009 from 1pm-8pm

435 broadway, buzzer #407, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Including: Alexandra Birchall-White, Andrew Potter, Andy Piedilato, Angela Barrow, Anita Fix, Ben Folstein, David Shull, Dirty Librarian Chains, Eugenie Toroella, Kyle Simon, Lane Lacolla, Lisa Soltis, Mila Geisler, Meghan Farrell, Molly Surno, Peter Beste, Ray Cross, Rochelle Goldberg, Sarah Frances Kuhn, Tirana Jewelery, Uyen Uyen Le, Victor Gutierrez, Victoria Keddie, Will McMillan, Warren Holt…+OTHERS! (<–that includes MOMBUCHA)

*cash only

**this is the best flyer ever

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