Wino Juice

Miraculously, fortuitously, and still yet further amazingly the phenomenal Team Wino has offered me slot among their ranks of veteran AIDS Lifecyclers!   HUZZAH!!! So incredibly excited about this.

After navigating the labyrinthe and challenging barrage of Facebook comments and clever posts, an unusual yet effectively grueling hazing ritual, myself and Mombucha will be riding for a cure to the devilish disease of AIDS this June.

In honor and support of my team and fellow Lifecyclists (Aviva Yael too!), Mombucha has specially blended Indian black tea, marigold flowers, and passion fruit essence affectionately dubbed “Wino Juice,” a vibrant burst of fruit juiciness, turbo strength nutrient rich and black tea flavonoid blast.

Best of all, you can donate while drinking – half of every purchase will go towards our goal.  Just request “Wino Juice” in your next order either through our recently updated “Shop” option here or through our local customer portal at

You can also donate directly here.  Go Winos!

IMG_6305 wino juice 1

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