About Mombucha

Circular_Mombucha.001We are brewers of hand-crafted, small-batch, premium, raw Kombucha.

Food and drink were always special things in our family. My mother was the real hippy healer alchemist, always baking fresh bread and whipping up tasty exotic treats, never afraid to try something new. I always wanted to get involved in whatever action what going on in the kitchen, the nerve center of our household.

This passion for food never left me. I took jobs in kitchens and food factories throughout my college years in Massachusetts. Having worked in both restaurant and commercial kitchens, I built a firm foundation for my own invention and foray into the food industry.

At some point in my late teens, my mom became obsessed with a fermented tea called “Kombucha.” She was compelled by the story of her nurse colleague’s daughter, a young girl afflicted with a terminal liver ailment, whose symptoms had stabilized after drinking this home-brewed tea every day. To my mother, it was imperative she learn to brew for her own children and it wasn’t long before she began forcing it on us every morning at breakfast.

About ten years after we’d started drinking this stuff daily, I realized I hadn’t fallen ill during that entire decade. It was a startling apotheosis and became the catalyst for my interest in brewing Kombucha on my own.

November of 2009 rolled around and a friend was organizing a kind of “hipster bake sale” in the basement of a local church called the “Greenpoint Food Market.” She’d asked if I had anything I’d like to sell and immediately I thought it might be fun to bottle the brew I was making from mom’s Kombucha recipe. “Mom’s Kombucha” blended into one word and so on that fateful chilly day in the funky basement of a church, “MOMBUCHA” was born.


37 Box Street
Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY 11222


MAKIN’ HEADLINES (or at least a mention somewhere in the article)

A Nightcap Riot in Brooklyn? (Newswhistle)

“Nightcap Riot: Mombucha”: Culture and Live Cultures Make for One Heck of a Night Out (Greenpointers)

With Nightcap Riot, a Mix of Entertainment and Kombucha Comes to Greenpoint (Village Voice)

High Tea Has a New Meaning (Wall Street Journal)

You cooked what? I’ll trade you granola! (NY Times)

Why Should You Drink Kombucha Tea? Brewers Respond (Blisstree)

There be Brooklyneers on Manhattan island (Brooklyn Brewery Blog)

A black market no more (MarkBittman.com)

Underground food market goes legal (Civil Eats)

Now the city may be helping Greenpoint vendors(Brooklyn Paper)

Greenpoint Food Market returns on Saturday (Brooklyn Paper)


A Strange Brew May Be a Good Thing (NY Times)

Case of Kombucha Tea Toxicity

Unexplained Severe Illness Possibly Associated with Consumption of Kombucha Tea — Iowa, 1995

*Mombucha is to be consumed at your own risk. The makers of Mombucha will not be held responsible for the misuse of our products or illness claims associated with the consumption of our products.

8 thoughts on “About Mombucha

  1. Mombucha produces the finest and most delicious kombucha I have tasted to date, and as a west coasty, I have tried my fair share. Mombucha’s samples were a huge hit at my recent event. I am officially hooked.

    1. Amelia Lukas is absolutely a connoisseur, not only of kombucha but of some of the eeriest, melancholy, enlivening, thought-provoking and creative music I’ve ever experienced. DO NOT MISS her performance series at any cost. Visit EarHeartMusic.org for details.

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