About Mombucha


We are  brewers of small batches of kombucha, bottling the unfiltered, unpasteurized, unfettered goodness by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

My own mom, Barbara Robbins, the original Mombucha guru mama, is the where this whole thing started.  She was inspired by her friend whose daughter was suffering from a critical liver disorder and swore kombucha was keeping her alive.  She drew up some beautifully illustrated instructions and blessed my mom with a culture.  My mom started to brew and serve it to my brothers and sister and I daily when we were young and our reaction was that of utter revolt!  Despite our protestation over this highly aromatic tea, she was relentless and committed to the benefits shown to her by her friend’s story of her ailing daughter… so we kept drinking it.

Soon she became an expert brewer able to produce flawless “mother cultures”  and a sweet tangy brew from white tea, distilled water and cane sugar.  Time went on and my siblings and I realized we haden’t gotten sick in decades and thought perhaps it had something to do with this funky tea mom was forcing on us every day (my sister even claims it destroyed her gall stones after her second pregnancy).  Naturally, mom’s passion and commitment sparked my interest and, as they say, “sparked me the booch” and I’ve been brewing it ever since, sometime around 2005 in fact.   To our family, this is more than a popular, trendy, tasty, pungent, rejuvenating, enlivening, unique, ancient and delicious fermented tea beverage… it’s part of our daily lives.

Compared to most available store-bought brands, Mombucha is a kombucha concentrate.  We recommend you sip no more than 4 ounces of Mombucha per day unless you’re coming down with something, in which case you should drink 4 ounces every three hours.  We recommend you also drink our real raw kombucha tea on an empty stomach in the morning with a lot of water as it may cause indigestion if you just ate.  Remember, Mombucha is the real raw thing and should not be guzzled.  As flavorful as it may be, try diluting it to stretch it out; a single ounce of Mombucha can be diluted 5x with water, juice, seltzer, or even alcoholic beverages for a nutrified cocktail.

Mombucha is a living beverage.  Remnants of the beneficial bacteria, yeast and acetobacter, used as the primary fermentation agents for the hand-picked teas we brew are  responsible for the purported health benefits of kombucha.   The culture used is called a “mother” or “SCOBY,” an acronym for “Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.”  The culture itself is a solid, jellyfish-like object, kind of looks like a fleshy pancake and is held together in this “zoogleal mat” by the symbiosis of one or more types of yeast, cellulose and another bacteria called “Acetobacter” which is what “Mother of Vinegar” cultures are made of.

Thank you for reading out story and let us know if you would like to try some!  We’ll bike you over a bottle if you email us (and you’re within biking distance) or you may soon find us in stores after our re-launch in Fall 2014.

37 Box Street
Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY 11222


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Unexplained Severe Illness Possibly Associated with Consumption of Kombucha Tea — Iowa, 1995

*Mombucha is to be consumed at your own risk. The makers of Mombucha will not be held responsible for the misuse of our products or illness claims associated with the consumption of our products.

7 thoughts on “About Mombucha

  1. Mombucha produces the finest and most delicious kombucha I have tasted to date, and as a west coasty, I have tried my fair share. Mombucha’s samples were a huge hit at my recent event. I am officially hooked.

    1. Amelia Lukas is absolutely a connoisseur, not only of kombucha but of some of the eeriest, melancholy, enlivening, thought-provoking and creative music I’ve ever experienced. DO NOT MISS her performance series at any cost. Visit EarHeartMusic.org for details.

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