Brooklyn Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market

Biiiiiig market in Park Slope/Gowanus…

The Brooklyn Lyceum Food & Craft market was to date the largest market Mombucha’s been a part of and the crowds were thronging.

The Lyceum is a former NYC Public Bath turned performance venue and cafe, with 10,000 sf of useable space right in Park Slope Brooklyn and a terrific location right atop the subway. Our huge raw space with multiple levels lends itself beautifully to events like this, as it is both cavernous and cozy.  Cafe treats, Intelligentsia coffee, beer, food vendors, and a central location make it the perfect crafty marketplace. –

The organizers placed most of us food/bev makers in the high tower of the third floor which proved to be a familiar atmosphere of fellow Greenpoint Food Marketeers.  There’s Georgie Castle of Fine & Raw Chocolate on the left.  I even got to meet Eric Childs, owner of Kombucha Brooklyn, which turned into a respectful brothers-in-arms meeting of the fermented minds.

The triumvirate of tea was well represented and even more well received.

Best thing was bartering for this awesome t-shirt from Yoko Kikuchi, owner of Tambey’s Kitchen, a maker of homemade organic cat food.  Yum and thanks!