Mombucha Mocktail: Ginger Rail

Tonight I discovered that Mombucha is the Dr. Bronners of kombucha.


How did such an epiphany arise? Where else but in a Greenpoint loft over a farm table discussion with some dear friends burnt out from a day of editing or programming something for someone they may or may not have cared much about. Regardless, it was late, we were lucid and overworked and the utterly tweetable one-liners kept rollin’ off the old tongue.

The topic of pricing of the new 16 oz Mombucha bottles now available through was at hand. It comes to $10 for a new bottle and $8 for the refill, exactly half of what the liters cost.

The computer programmer guy raised an eyebrow and exclaimed, “Dang those CSAs are expensive.” The producer girl said that people are willing to pay higher prices for raw foods made only one degree of separation away from the consumer. The editor guy said, “Mombucha is the Dr. Bronners of kombucha! You can stretch a liter of premium punch out of one 16 oz bottle if you know what you’re dealing with.”

The discussion inevitably evoked the question, “Do quality foods need to be outrageously expensive?” The answer is complicated but in Mombucha’s case, it’s one that can be solved by providing a product of the highest quality and potency and promoting its use as a concentrate.

Mombucha is neither diluted nor pasteurized which means it retains its full capacity of nutrients and biological elements per sip. Cutting the recommended daily dose of 4 oz of pure Mombucha with 6 oz of water or seltzer yields a refreshing, health-quenching beverage that will keep you pretty well keyed-up and immuno-supercharged all day (avec or sans alcohol). It’ll also double your value.

Anyway, to celebrate this discovery, I present to you the insultingly simple…

Ginger Rail:

Step 1. Add 4 oz of pure Gingermint Mombucha to a tall glass.


Step 2. Add ice.


Step 3. Add seltzer. Stir and enjoy with a loved one.


Mombucha: Refreshtafarai.