Holirave come down

Supremely adorable day last Saturday at the HOLIRAVE.

Just wanted to thank the organizers for organizing and for Uyen for inviting me!

Here’s a look at some of the wonderful things!

– Illustrated book all about what happened the night of the Holirave😉

– MOMBUCHA shared the metro rack with this psychadellically hot hot sauce by meekabelly.

– I mean, what’s a Holirave without Mila & Lana’s seasonal apple compote?  This on a baguette with lemon is heaven.

– These are as adorable and delicious as their maker, Uyen.


– It takes one part jacket, two parts genius to make it into a guitar bag.  Designer Ben Folstein has all three.

– Ben’s added another level of genius to put these personalized puppets together.  That’s 4 parts genius in case you lost count.

– It’s really too bad I don’t have a kid because he/she would be the only one I could really dress up in this Zombie Jesus baby jumper.  Blasphemously adorable.

– In place of bad-for-your-brains MDMA, we opted for some Emmanuel Top and MOMBUCHA to trip us out at the Holirave.

– This really was the best, most ingenius part of the day: Gold leaf marshmallows for the hot chocolate with Jamesons and a little red pepper flake.  (((whoinddflshaosidaf;ssdlkfsd)))

So long for now, Holirave!  We’ll be back again someday!