Movin’ booch

Still slightly stunned and generally ecstatic about the success of this past weekend’s Greenpoint Food Market.  WOW!

Two kinds of kim chee, empanadas, cake lolly pops (going after the king cupcake of the dessert world), soups, breads, lime rickys, tempeh, pickles, and stuff I didn’t even get to I was so slammed at the MOMBUCHA table.  Can’t thank you guys enough, those of you who are reading this and stopped by.  Anastasia and I were tickled mauve by your curiosity and compliments on the stuff we’ve been working (and fighting) pretty hard over.

We mowed through 16 bottles of our pungent elixir pretty swiftly throughout the day and carted off a couple Half Moon Baby starter sets.  We realized halfway through that we might’ve exceeded the price point of the babies and have slashed their prices in HALF!  We’ve still got one or two cryogenically chilling in our fridge so anyone who wishes to claim them, come forth!

As for feedback thus far, we were nonplussed to find out that one or two bottles might have been sweeter than what we were serving as samples.  This threw off one of our customers who so thoughtfully and creatively described the experience of drinking his bottled MOMBUCHA as “hipster vitamin water.”  Haven’t really gotten my brain around how hipster culture bleeds into Coca-Cola’s bastard child of Gatorade but it was a unique response nonetheless.

What really hurt, however, was that this person saw it fit to end the email with, “worst kombucha ever,” which is not just insulting, it’s an absolutist position that leaves no room to make amends.  We offered to personally replace this person’s bottle but received nothing more than an UNSUBSCRIBE response.  I don’t expect this person to be reading this but if you or anyone else who is unsatisfied with their purchase, the offer stands firm.

As many of you reading this are probably aware from the mass “THANK YOU” email we sent out yesterday, we absolutely taste test every batch before it gets bottled up but it’s not unlikely that some batches, as each one is brewed in small 4 quart bowls, accounts for some slight flavor profile variations.  Our blend starts out as a sugary brew of black tea which, when combined with the yeast/Acetobacter culture and left to ferment for a week, most of the sugar in the tea gets eaten by the microorganisms to grow and is then replaced with all the magic goodness that makes kombucha so awesome for you.  If the batch is removed from this process too soon, the tea will have not acidified properly leaving the sugary tea as the most perceptible flavor in the final product.

Now that we’re no longer on the crazy time crunch to get everything done before the market, we’re on the path of taking our time and bottling only the most pungent, tart, tangy, power-packed, earthy, yummy MOMBUCHA we set out to serve.  We’ll let you know when it’s ready, probably sometime next Monday or Tuesday.


Photos by rich_awn.