Few things get me as excited as the moment of panic when you think you’ve planned something out well enough and then, when it’s done, it actually works.

When the t-shirts arrived today from the kick-ass web-based silk screen company I stumbled upon, CustomInk.com, I cut one in half to use as our official MOMBUCHA cover cloth and found that it fit perfectly over the bowl, I nearly cried a tear of joy.

– So satisfying.

– If you’re a little confused about what the FULL MOON MAMA kit is, I’ll explain more betterer.  That satellite dish thing is a 4 quart pyrex bowl covered with our official MOMBUCHA cover cloth.  That squiddy thing in the jar over there is that actual MOMBUCHA mushroom or kombucha culture with some illustrated instructions bungeed to it.

– Why the bowl?  Well, that’s the method my mom taught me and that Ruth taught her.  It’s a small batch that I feel gives me better control over it with the result being a more flavorful, potent brew.  I’m kindof in the dark as to how the big massive bottlers brew it but we’ll find out this weekend when Kombucha Brooklyn and I sell together at the Greenpoint Food Market.


– Thing is, you don’t just have to cover your kombucha brews with these shirts… they can be adorned!  HOORAY!

So…I’ll see you tomorrow(?)